Fariba Molavi is a contemporary conceptual artist and interior  designer.  Currently, she works and resides in Southern California.IMG_6933-1 copy
She received an honorary MFA degree in Iran and is currently continuing her studies in architecture. She has participated in many group and solo art exhibitions and has won many awards in fine art and interior design in Iran, Europe and USA such as the first place winner award from Sandy Garrett Scholarship in Interior Design, the first place winner award from Moorpark college in Interior Design and the second place winner award from
Media Art Department of  Pierce college in Photo Illustration and Photo essay and an honorable award from Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Iran.
Fariba’s paintings are brought to life by mixing dimensional relief sculpting with collage, acrylic, water color and mixed media. Her signature work consists of bright, bold colors, with heavily-layered impasto effects.
Fariba Molavi has absorbed an acute attention to form associated with architecture. She refines her own visual and conceptual vocabulary, a vocabulary that evolved through her focus on common points in architecture, calligraphy and spatial analysis. Her art work is a realization of a sense of unity between physical material and the conceptualization of her ideas and tries to create her personal aesthetics of the works and combining reality with artificiality.
She also paints conceptual hyperrealism portrait which is a genre of painting resembling a high-resolution photograph and to mix it with design and texture of materials such as silk tread.
She has always been interested in human individuality and self-expression. Visually She is inspired by culture, history, architect and human. Her conceptual hyperrealism portraits are devoted to relationship between human’s inner world with human’s behavior and morality in society.                                                                                                          
Fariba has been teaching painting and drawing to children and adults for the past twenty years. Her art work designs base on graphic, illustration and paintings are published for children’s book, different cover books and many artistic cafe table books and booklets. She also has been working  freelance as an interior deisgner mostly for commercial buildings since 2011. 

 • 2012 First place winner photography and Secound place winner photography in Photo Illustration from Pierce collage, CA
 • 2012 Third place winner photography in Photo Essay from Pierce collage, CA
 • 2011 Scholarship winner form Conejo Association of Professional Interior Designers (CAPID), Ventura County, CA
• 2011 Scholarship winner form Moorpark Collage, CA
• 2011 First palce winner Interior Design for hospital design from Moor Park Collage, CA
• 2006 Award from the Tourism and Cultural Inheritance Organization of Iran for Architectural Painting of Iran, Tehran. Iran
• 2006 Award from The Tourism and Cultural Inheritance Organization of Iran for Architectural Lighting Design “ROYAL. CO”, Yazd. Iran
• 2000 Award for Painting and Illustration (On the occasion of World Children’s Day)  Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Tehran. Iran
• 2000 Award from Port Elizabeth University in South Africa for Posters of World Peace’s Day

Books and Publish
• 2016, Design art book of Ali Bozorgmehr, Master Lyrical Painter
• 2014, Illustraion for children book, Delia’s Morning, Easter Rafael
• 2005, Illustration for Book (The Letters for Gad from children)
• 2000, Cover Book design, Paola ( Isabel Alendeh )
• 2000, Cover Book design, Red’s Loin ( Hamid Mossadegh )
• 1998, Cover Book design, Ask Emigrant’s Birds! ( Simin Daneshvar )
• 1997, Cover Book design, Mystery of Healthy
• 1996, Cover Book design, Secret home ( Paty Deyvis ) and many others